Formed in the verdant landscapes around Norrtälje, northeast of Stockholm, in Spring 2021, Fredlös emerged from the ashes of previous musical endeavors with a singular vision. Bonded by a profound connection to their historical roots and a penchant for dark, atmospheric sounds, the band crafts an epic auditory landscape. Their music melds heavy, melodic guitar lines with traditional Nordic instruments, driven by a commitment to narrate history with authenticity and passion. The result is a captivating blend of darkness and melody, inviting listeners to explore the shadows where they can find solace and strength.

With their self-titled debut album released in Spring 2023, Fredlös presents a collection of 9 dark, intense, yet melodically rich tracks. Each song is a journey through the late Middle Ages, offering a voice to the tales of the common folk and their struggles, resilience, and tales untold. Musically, the album is a boundary-defying odyssey, interweaving metal, rock, folk, and traditional melodies into a diverse and compelling tapestry.

The band’s initial single, “Våt Varm Jord” (Warm Wet Soil), released in Autumn 2022, serves as a powerful introduction to Fredlös’s world. This 7-minute and 22-second track is a dynamic and swirling invitation to reflect the light and embrace the darkness, setting the stage for the thematic and musical exploration that the album unfolds.



Robert Lindgren – Bass Guitar
Tomas Karlson – Guitar
Liv Hope – Lead Vocals
Fredrik Danielsson – Guitar
Victor Dahlin – Keyboards
Alex Hellid – Guitar
Iman Zolgharnian – Drums
Milda Žigure – Violin


Fredlös made a memorable appearance at Månegarm Open Air on August 26, 2023, captivating a full-capacity crowd with their compelling live performance. This marked a significant milestone for the band, showcasing their ability to connect with and energize festival audiences. (Live footage upcoming.)



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“Fredlös” (2023) – The debut album that encapsulates the essence of Fredlös, featuring nine tracks that delve deep into the late Middle Ages’ narrative through a modern lens.
(Original release date: 20230210, Fredlös Produktion / Threeman Recordings)


Credits: Daniel Rydholm