Fredlös arose from the light. Early in ancient times we walked the earth. Force fed with cheerful tones and superficial lyrics, the oxygen ran out. From the suffocating light we felt a pull towards the darkness. In the spring of 2021, the time had come to reject the light and embrace the wet warm soil. Fredlös was born out of the ashes of previous musical adventures. A new time awaits. A time of dark sounds and a journey to the roots of history.

During the summer of 2022, Fredlös first full-length will arrive. The album is self-titled and contains 9 tracks of dark folk music. Fredlös first single “wet warm soil” will be released in the spring of 2022. The album is a journey through the late Middle Ages and describes historical events from the perspective of the common people. We intend to reflect the story beyond fluttering flags and golden halls. Out of respect for those who no longer have voices, Fredlös strives to describe history true to the facts as well as our heretical ideals. Among whitening bones and shattered dreams, the people of the earth fought on. These are their songs.
Important musical influences are Rotting Christ, Primordial and Solstafir. Fredlös mixes black metal influences with tones from a bygone era. Our ambition is to convey atmosphere and create a room where the listener can thrive in the dark.

Follow us through the late Middle Ages. Stand by us and feel the sweet scent of burning human flesh as the black smoke from the heretical bonfires darkens the sky. Walk by our side in the footsteps of the Great Death. Let us show you the face of famine at a time when winter never turned to spring. Follow us to a time when the violence of the lords was followed by murder in distress and escape to the woods. Feel the moisture of the moss and the smell of deep forests where the outlaws brood for revenge. Let us show you the hope when the torch is lit and the messenger rides across the country. The hope of freedom and return to old customs. Stay by our side and watch the doom where mercenaries from distant shores trample the common people down into the black soil.

Fredlös are deeply rooted in a critique of religions. Fredlös are opposed to all belief systems that poison the brain and restrict man, but draw a particularly sharp lance against Christianity.
We are dying the moment we are born.



Robert Lindgren. Bass Guitar. Born in Roden County. Blasphemer.
Tomas Karlson. Guitar. Originating from Häverö parish. Heretic.
Liv Hope. Leadsinger. Born in Attundaland. Heretic.
Fredrik Danielsson. Guitar. Born in Dackeland. Apostate.



Fredlös, 2022 (Fredlös Produktion / Threeman Recordings)


Credits: Daniel Rydholm