The moment Haystack fans have eagerly awaited is here! Threeman Recordings is thrilled to announce that “Doomsday Goes Away,” the latest album from the iconic Swedish power noise rock trio Haystack, is now available for pre-order. Scheduled for release on February 9, 2024, this album is poised to be a landmark in Haystack’s storied career. Start your journey with ‘Doomsday Goes Away’ now.

Haystack's 'Doomsday Goes Away' album vinyl LP with black record partially pulled out, showcasing the label.

Exclusive sneak peek of Haystack’s ‘Doomsday Goes Away’ vinyl LP, featuring the album in its striking vinyl format.

Discover ‘Doomsday Goes Away’ (About ‘Doomsday Goes Away’)
“Doomsday Goes Away” is more than just an album; it’s a raw, unadulterated journey through the realms of rock, power noise, and punk. The ten-track masterpiece, recorded in the acclaimed Studio Underjord and overseen by Joona Hassinen, reflects Haystack’s commitment to authenticity and spontaneity. From the fierce opener, “Doomsday Goes Away” to the introspective closing notes of “Winter,” each track resonates with the band’s signature blend of intense energy and musical integrity. Explore the depth of ‘Doomsday Goes Away’.

Exclusive Haystack 'Doomsday Goes Away' pre-order bundle featuring album artwork t-shirt and vinyl LP with custom label.

Grab the exclusive pre-order bundle of Haystack’s ‘Doomsday Goes Away’, featuring a unique album artwork t-shirt and vinyl LP. Limited availability, ensuring rarity and collectible value.

Album Formats and Pre-Order Details (Album Details for ‘Doomsday Goes Away’
Available in both CD and LP formats, fans can now pre-order their copies, choosing from catalog numbers TRE054CD and TRE054LP. The album embodies influences ranging from Unsane and Melvins to Joy Division and Killing Joke, all while staying true to Haystack’s unique sound. Secure your copy today.

Haystack's 'Doomsday Goes Away' CD in a limited edition mini vinyl-gatefold-style packaging, featuring the disc half-inserted, showcasing the unique on-body label design.

Experience Haystack’s latest album in a unique format with the ‘Doomsday Goes Away’ CD, presented in a special mini vinyl-gatefold-style packaging. A collector’s delight with exclusive artwork and live band photos, available for a limited time only.

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Exclusive pre-order t-shirt featuring the artwork of Haystack's 'Doomsday Goes Away', capturing the album's unique aesthetic.

Secure your exclusive Haystack t-shirt, a special pre-order offer featuring the striking artwork of ‘Doomsday Goes Away’. A unique addition to any fan’s wardrobe.

Launching the Singles: ‘Doomsday Goes Away’ and More (Pre-Order and Singles for ‘Doomsday Goes Away’)
Secure your copy today via the main pre-order link []. In anticipation of the release, the band is also rolling out a series of singles, each accompanied by a music video, starting with the title track “Doomsday Goes Away” on January 12, 2024. Stay tuned for the singles.

Haystack's 'Doomsday Goes Away' CD in a special gatefold packaging alongside the exclusive pre-order t-shirt, showcasing the album's unique design.

Unveiling the exclusive pre-order bundle for Haystack’s ‘Doomsday Goes Away’, featuring the album in a special CD gatefold packaging and a unique t-shirt. A perfect addition for fans and collectors alike.

Meet Haystack: The Power Trio Behind the Album(Band Line-Up for Haystack)
Featuring Ulf Cederlund (vocals & guitar), Jonas Lundberg (drums), and Patrik Thorngren (bass), Haystack continues to revolutionize the power noise rock scene. Each member brings a rich history from their past projects, infusing “Doomsday Goes Away” with depth and dynamism.

Black and white photo of Haystack in Studio Underjord. Patrik Thorngren on bass to the left, Ulf "Uffe" Cederlund in the center on guitar, and Jonas Lundberg on drums to the right, partially obscured by a ride cymbal. A busy yet artistically captured scene showing intense focus and motion, with microphone stands and a loft shelf lined with various drums in the background.

Haystack immersed in their recording session at Studio Underjord on June 17, 2023. The black-and-white landscape captures Patrik, Ulf, and Jonas amidst a busy setup of instruments and equipment, showcasing the band’s commitment to their craft.

On Tour: Haystack Live in 2024 (Tour Information for Haystack)
Coinciding with the album’s release, Haystack will embark on a Sweden tour in February 2024, including stops in Uppsala (SAT, 3 FEB 2024), Jönköping (FRI, 9 FEB 2024), Gothenburg (SAT, 10 FEB 2024), and Stockholm (SAT, 17 FEB 2024). These shows promise to be a live embodiment of the album’s spirit.

Join the Haystack Journey
“Doomsday Goes Away” stands as a testament to Haystack’s enduring significance in the rock music landscape. Be part of this thrilling journey. Pre-order your copy now and brace yourself for an unforgettable musical experience from one of Sweden’s most revered rock bands.

"Doomsday Goes Away" album cover by Haystack, featuring a striking visual design, representing the power and intensity of the band's new release under Threeman Recordings, 2024.

Album cover for Haystack’s “Doomsday Goes Away,” released by Threeman Recordings in 2024.